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Daily Create 14 #tdc1643 You and Your Shadow @ds106dc #tdc1643 IMG00265

This is my shadow, my cat CJ. The little guy literally follows me around everywhere, and as in this photo, he has a tendency to try and “help” me with school.


This is my other shadow, my dog Zoro. Outside he follows me around everywhere. He tries to follow me around when he gets to come inside but my other shadow, CJ, often attacks him for doing so…


Daily Create 15 #tdc1648 Do Your Most Serious, Critical Face Selfie #DigPed

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Me trying to have a critical look…

ILP: Communicating Rules and Roles of Our Relationship


My Workbook

Dang I can’t believe we are already almost done with our Independent Learning Projects. As mentioned in my last Independent Learning Project Blog Post, I am reading a new book called, “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”. I have learned so much and I am only a third of the way through the book. I can’t possible discuss it all so I’ll try to point out the parts that I enjoyed learning the most as of now.

So far, I have been challenged to think about what I want my personal ten commandments, also known as rules, to be for my marriage. These often unspoken rules are based around things like handling finances, performing chores, helping out with meals (like putting plates in the sink after meal time and helping set or clean up the table), holiday traditions (like taking turns visiting our families every other big holiday such as Christmas) and other little quirks. I never really thought about these things before, but I feel like bringing them up and discussing our expectations with each other now is a good idea before we are married.

Another thing that I learned was that it is important to make our roles in our marriage/relationship conscious. It is never safe to assume anything. Just to give examples of these roles are; staying home with the children (when the time comes), paying bills and handling finances, grocery shopping, making major decisions, caring for pets, cooking, taking out trash and things of that nature. In the book it brought to my attention that we often take on roles based on what our parents did. For instance, both mine and John’s dads were the ones to fic things around the house while our mothers did the cleaning. But then when it came to cooking, both of my parents took part in that while only John’s mom does it at his house. Therefore, we need to sit down and discuss what we expect of each other. From our previous talks it sounds like we will both be participating in the majority of the tasks such as handling finances. But it will be good to go through each chore or task and really talk about them and who is going to do what.

While I feel that John and I have come a very long way in our relationship with communication, it is clear that you can never over communicate, (unless you nag of course which neither of has ever done yet). It is always best to have open conversations and never assume anything, because that is where things start to get tense or frustrating. Lack of proper communication can really hurt a relationship. Even though we are close and can often guess what the other is going to say or how the other is feeling, we cannot, no matter how much we want to, jump inside the other person’s head and know exactly what they are thinking at all times. So it’s best to ask and talk about things beforehand.

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Digital Activism

my life 2014 04 activism big

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Digital Activism is taking a stand for what you believe in or against that which we disagree with, using digital media resources. Anyone can, and pretty much every one does, take part in the use of digital technology. Most of the time we don’t really think of kids using social media in terms of promoting something they stand for or are against. But actually, teens can play a huge role in this area. Teens are using their social technology sources in a form of activism by creating their own blog sites, twitter pages, YouTube videos and so on, to speak out against the issues of the world like bullying.

Personally, at first I wondered how teens could use digital technology in terms of being young activists. Generally when I think of teens being on the internet, I think of them as just snooping around, chatting with friends, posting pictures and their own personal thoughts. I never considered them speaking out against things they disapprove of or taking part in topics they believe in or stand for. After reading the articles that were posted for us to read this week in class, I now see and understand how this extremely possible and how it can be very beneficial for both the teens and those who they are reaching out to.

According to “The New Face of Teen Activism”, a generation of change-makers is showing the world just how powerful a tweet can be. Teens are often hesitant about getting involved or speaking out about things because they aren’t sure if they have enough knowledge of facts to be taking part in worldwide discussions. But once they take that step into the unknown/uncomfortable discussion and become engaged, they come to find out just how important their opinions are and how much they matter.

My favorite article was “My Kids, A Cause and Our Classroom Blog”. I loved how the classroom teacher got her students involved in blogging about the sugars in the foods that we eat and ways in which we can make healthier choices. In the articles is said that blogs, written by 12 year olds, are reaching a variety of people and offering tips and advice to other kids as well as middle and older aged people. These students are not limited to learning just in the classroom, but they are strongly encouraged to engage with others outside of the classroom and interact with people who they’ve never met all while using digital technology.

Another way in which teens are using digital activism, is by creating their own blog pages and twitter accounts to try and help those in need. On the website “Teen Activism in Society”, teens are reaching out to offer encouragement and support to those all around the world who are dealing with suicidal thoughts, who are victims of bullying, and several other emotional issues that teens, and even young adults, are struggling with today. Teens are making a difference by helping other teens, which I think is really neat as peer influence tends to have a greater impact. I found this effort and learning activity by teens to be very interesting as I had never considered it before.

Honestly, I try to spend as little time using any forms of digital technology so I haven’t taken part in being a digital activist… Really the only reason I am ever even on my laptop or the computer is for school and I only use my phone for texting and calling because I have limited internet access which I like to try and save for GPS and to only perform emergency research actions. As a person however, I feel I have really grown in standing up for myself and for others against bullying and doing the right thing and speaking my mind on what I feel is wrong and right.


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I think a key issue that we should consider is not we aren’t all going to agree and share the same thoughts and ideas or feelings on certain topics. We naturally have different beliefs and have been raised to think in a variety of ways. For instance, the big uproar that is going on in the news right now about the Dallas shooting and the Minnesota police shooting. We aren’t all going to agree on what happened and we are naturally going to have different views. I think we still need to be careful with how we discuss topics and be willing to hear each other out and not jump to conclusions.

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Daily Creates July 3-10th

Daily Create 5 for Sunday, July 3, 2016

Defining Moment of My Life @ds106dc #tdc1639

20141231 (9).jpg

When i first met my now fiance, soon to be husband!


Daily Create 6 for Monday, July 4, 2016

Write the unexpected short story that leads to this moment… @ds106dc #tdc1645


A blue hound was on the trail one day and came across a drowning orangutan. The hound, being the good hearted caring dog that he was, jumped in the cold water and saved the orange furry primate. The primate was exhausted from his near death experience so the hound offered him a banana from a nearby tree. The orangutan took a strong liking to the hound and was eternally grateful to him; thus he began following the hound everywhere he went. One day one of the hound’s friends saw him and asked, “What do you have there following you around?” The hound gave his friend a side glance, “Oh i saved him and fed him once and now he follows me everywhere…”


Daily Create 7 Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What has made you happy recently? represent three of them in some kind of media form (photo collage, drawing, video, animated GIF), and tweet it specifically to one person (in addition to everyone else).



My loving fiance, who i call just about every night really helps keep me going. My amusing, youngest sister, talks my ears off pretty much every night after i get home from work. And my dear little man CJ, who can’t wait for me to get out of the shower. They all really make me happy and remind me of how grateful i should be to them all in my life.


Daily Create 8 Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Take yourself seriously as possible creating your own PowerPuff imagery at  @ds106dc #tdc1553

I’m in The Powerpuff Girls’ super squad! Click through to see my character and make one yourself. #PowerpuffYourself


Daily Create 9 Thursday, July 7, 2016

People make fun of sea monkeys, as a scam, as just “brine shrimp”, as some example of a scammy rip off… PROVE THEM WRONG- make a realastic image of sea monkeys in real places. @ds106dc #tdc1624

Greedy Sea Monkeys!


Daily Create 10 Friday, July 8, 2016

“Alas, poor Yorick, for I knew him well…” Creatively interpret this famous line with something involving a skull. @ds106dc #tdc1562



Daily Create 11 Saturday, July 9, 2016

Get inspired by those words and show us what goes on in Hotel 106. @ds106dc #tdc1585


Ghosts anyone?


Daily Create 12 Sunday, July 10, 2016

Classy ride you wish you could afford? Is it beautiful? Is it slick, colorful, souped up, or super practical?

Use your graphics chops to place yourself inside your dream machine @ds106dc #tdc1601


Digital Citizenship


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After going through the provided websites and the watching the videos, I read/watched a lot of good information. I really liked the one video called #140cuse: George Couros-140 Characters of Kindness  ( because it talked about having and building connections and professional relationships. I think that this is rather lacking in schools today. The passion for teaching and helping kids learn valuable content is pretty much gone. It seems like today a lot of teachers are just there doing the very basics of their job. They don’t remember their students 10 years down the road and they really don’t care. I think this is really sad and my goal as a teacher is to be the complete opposite of that. I really want to be there for my students and to listen to them and help them in any way I can.

In another video, Digital Citizenship (, the topic of youths’ cognitive development was focused on. The video stated that it isn’t so much what kids learn but how they learn as pointed out by the goal of 21 Century Learning. They focus on the 4 C’s; communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  Digital technology has so many benefits to it if we just educate kids on how to use it in a resourceful way. There is very little that technology cannot do these days. Kids can learn Spanish, Music, and play games that work on developing or building their skill levels based on problem solving, reasoning, and logic.


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Parents can play a huge role in assisting their kids with using media devices in ways that are beneficial for them. Some questions that parents can consider to help guide them are; When should I introduce media and devices, What’s the right balance of screen time and non-media activities, Where can  find age appropriate and high quality content, How do I teach digital literacy skills and digital citizenship. ( Parents can help by keeping tabs of what their kids search, post, and download to make sure that it is appropriate for their kids to be viewing and saying.

Photo By: “The Digital Citizenship Survivial Kit” website (

The website that I enjoyed reading and learning from the most was “The Digital Citizenship Survival Kit” ( I liked how a visual display is presented to the students to help them retain and remember the information that they are taught better. In this article’s survival kit, there was a padlock, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a permanent marker. Each item has its own meaning when it comes to practicing digital citizenship. The padlock is to remind students to set strong passwords and set up strong passcode locks on their digital devices so that they can keep their personal information protected. The toothbrush it to help students remember to never share their passwords and personal information. Just like we would never want to share a toothbrush. The toothpaste is to give students a visual aid about letting information out. Once they have said or posted something online it is pretty much impossible to take it back or get rid of it. Just like trying to get all the toothpaste back in the tube. This leads to the permanent marker. Everything that we put online is permanent. Even if we delete or erase it, it never completely goes away.

When I first started this blog post my question would have been when, and how to teach digital citizenship in the most efficient way. But after reading “The Digital Citizenship Survival Kit”, I no longer have those questions and I now have a great idea on how I can teach this to my students! As teachers, we can help ourselves out by getting the parents involved as much as possible. If the parents are monitoring what their kids are doing on their electronics, it might help us to be more successful in stopping bullying because not only, we teachers, but also the parents can discuss with their kids the issue and the effects of how words and digital actions can hurt others.

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A New Turn In My Independent Learning Project


This past holiday, 4th of July weekend, I was able to get off work and go and visit my fiancé in Fort Peck, MT. We went to Miles City, MT and stayed for a few days to visit with John’s parents. John’s dad has been teasing us for a while about getting premarital counseling. I always thought it was a joke and played it off. But John’s mom took the matter to heart and did some research. I was ecstatic when she sat down one night and handed John and me a stack of books about preparing for marriage! The title of the book set is, “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts”, by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott. ( Ranked #1 New York Times Bestselling Authors).

I was so excited and didn’t know which book to start with first! John’s mom explained to us that we each have our own workbook, a book to read that the workbook goes with, and then another book with some extra information titled, “What the Bible Says About Love, Marriage, and Sex”. John took immediate interest in this second book, “What the Bible Says About Love, Marriage, and Sex”, while I dove into reading “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” and navigating through my workbook that goes with it. A deck of large cards also came with the package and on both sides of each card it has a focus or topic such as; commitment, passion, communication and so on. Below the titles of each card is has columns showing how a female things/feels concerning the topic and how a man things/feels about the topic and how they often act and react to them. Then there is a middle column saying how both the man and women can work together and meet in the middle so that their differences help each other instead of cause tension and fights.

After we have both completed our workbooks, John and I are supposed to discuss our answers, thoughts, ideas, and any concerns that we may have so that everything, EVERYTHING, is out in the open and we have a better understanding of how the other thinks, feels, and reacts to specific situations, words, events and so on. It will help us to learn more in depth about each other as we are prompted by professional questions AND how to solve any issues that we see occurring in our future (goodness knows there will be plenty of them) together and how to work through them as a couple.

I am so eager to continue to my reading and share my findings with John. Every day you learn something new and in reading these books I am certainly doing that. I have never claimed to John and I having the best most perfect relationship; no one is perfect and we are only human so we are going to make mistakes.  I have only been able to read the first few chapters and complete the first few assignments in my workbook and I already feel like I have had my mind blown with things that I never even thought about or considered. I am so glad to be learning these valuable things now in how to better our relationship before we are actually married and trying to learn to live with each other full time and overcome life struggles, like finances and budgeting, and all that other crazy stuff.

I am so super grateful to my future father and mother in law for finding these incredible resources for John and me to be able to learn and grow from for the sake of our marriage being full proof.

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Google Yourself


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When I Googled myself I really didn’t find much. I had to add my name plus where I live to find anything that was related to me specifically. As it turns out there are quite a few companies and other people who share my name. When I placed my home town after my name a few websites pertaining to the actual me, appeared.

For one, right off the back I was shown to have a Facebook and Twitter account. Below those were a few articles or news reports stating that I had made the Dean’s list in the fall of 2014 at Western NE Community College. Another article displayed that I had made the Dean’s list in the fall semester of 2015 at Chadron State College and then the President’s List in the spring semester of 2016. When I specifically tried to find images of myself, there were none which I found a little odd as I know that I have been in a few papers for 4-H, academic achievements and the announcement of my engagement.

My Twitter account was the space that showed me to be most active online as I am on there quite often now. In the paragraph above I said that I have a Facebook account, but I never really use it except for messaging. The only real reason that I have it is so that my fiancé and I can use our accounts to chat with each other by using Facebook messenger on our phones. We enjoy being able to see each other when we call and sending quick pics and short videos back and forth. I also really like all the cute stickers that you can get with it.

My online identity said that I don’t spend much time on the internet, which is very true. I would much rather be up and moving around, working out and just being active rather than spending time on social media resources and snooping to see what others are up to. I have never posted anything vile or negative on the internet so an employer wouldn’t find any bad dirt. Actually I am not sure they would find anything of too much interest, just like I didn’t. An employer will have to get to know me in person and let me show them how I work because they won’t find that on the internet. I don’t live on the internet and I don’t base my life around technology. I am far more of a physically active and interactive person and I like to be outside and working or socializing with my family.

I totally get the benefits and pros of learning and knowing how to use a variety of technological resources, but it’s really not me.

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