Being an Innovator


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Yes I have been innovative as a learner and a thinker this semester. I have learned a lot in this class about different terms and technology sources. I didn’t realize there were so many free sources out there that we, as teachers can use and incorporate into our classrooms. Like using blogging and creative tools, like Canva, to use our imaginations, be creative, and reach out or share news/thoughts/information with others as well as gain content from them and their own experiences.

Innovation in learning looks like trying new things and learning about them. Like all the new sources that we were introduced to over this summer semester.  When we try new things to learn new things and grow as learners. In doing so, we are also improving our abilities to be better teachers because we then have new and improved ideas to share with our students and give them a more well-rounded learning experience.

I feel like I have learned so much, I don’t think I have unlearned anything. I do feel like I have a ton still to learn. I know how to write lesson plans, I know how to encourage myself to try new things, I know how to communicate and find a variety of resources; now I just need to put them all together and get my hands on experience and find my “nook” to get into so that I am able to have things run smoothly for the most part, so that my students gain the most form their learning experience within my class. So from here now I feel like I need to actually get into the classroom, overcome my fears, be prepared and organized, and give teaching my best and have fun with it as I learn a variety of new methods and sources along the way to improve myself as a teacher.


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I plan to continue using my Blog page and I would like to incorporate that into my classroom. I think it would be neat to teach, and have my students create their own blogs, perform some research, and post helpful tips about health and being physically active on their blogs. I will also introduce them to Flickr, Piktochart, and Canva to help encourage their creative and show them free sources that they are able to use to enhance their posts.

As a learner, I have been surprised about myself in being able to force myself to try new things and find success in doing so. I have learned that even if a creation doesn’t turn out the way that I had planned, it’s ok because it’s still creative and you still worked on developing your creativity. I know that now, so I am much more confident in trying new things and not worrying about if it doesn’t turn out the exact way I wanted. I still learned through the experience. I can use this experience to help motivate and encourage my students to try new things as well.

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“I recognize that there are obstacles in education, but as an innovator, I will focus on what is possible today and where I can push to lead towards tomorrow.” Quote from: (


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