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From the “Attention Log” journal assignment, I went from Monday, July 18-Wednesday July 20. I did five different sessions; 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday. I was able to do a couple of different sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday because I was on the internet/my laptop those mornings and then again in the evenings. Throughout the sessions I either did homework (mostly) or performed research for my own personal benefit.

I had to keep track of and write responses to these 9 questions:

  1. Date:
  2. Description of Physical Space and Device:
  3. Duration of session:
  4. What occurred:
  5. What you did:
  6. How you felt:
  7. What worked:
  8. What did not work:
  9. Other comments:

At first, I really had to think about what I was feeling. I also had to ponder the things that did and did not work as most of the stuff I did was simple enough so trying to find something that did not work was a little difficult. I usually don’t focus on what doesn’t work, just what does because I want success.

I really took notice, as it was difficult not to, how much pain my body would often be in after sitting in the same position for several hours. Mainly my shoulders, rear end, and neck would bother me. I work out just about every morning before starting school to get in a good stretch and get my heart rate up, but that really doesn’t seem to help much. I still get stiff and tired of just sitting. Working out really only helps me to feel better mentally about myself because I know that I have done something that is good and healthy for my body.

This is one of the reasons that I try to stay away from my laptop, computer, digital devices in general. I get a headache from staring at a screen all day, even a TV screen, and I feel guilty for not being physically active. A little research here and there I don’t mind as it usually doesn’t take long enough for my muscles and joints to get angry at me.

I appreciate technology and what it can do for us. I love that we are able to type up papers for class and submit them electronically rather than having to write them all out by hand. It’s a real hand and wrist saver. But I am just not one for spending countless hours on digital devises in general. Not even my phone. I am kind of a busy body and like to be moving. One of the reasons I decided to go into being a P.E teacher. I just enjoy being physically active. It helps me sleep better at the end of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Attention Log

  1. I definitely feel your pain (Ha!) about the headaches. I work on my computer all day in the office and tend to get some pretty bad headaches. I also have noticed that my joints begin to hurt from time to time, mostly my upper back/lower neck area. I tore my ACL/Meniscus a couple of years ago and sometimes my knee can get sore after sitting in the same position on my laptop or desktop. I completely agree that getting active is important, as is the fact that sometimes the answer is to just walk away from the computer.


    1. Regan,
      Yeah totally! It can really give you a strong disliking to using the computer. There are actually days when i dread doing school because i know that it is most likely going to get painful; in my neck, shoulders, and knee and sometimes even my back. I workout just about every morning to try and stretch but i still get really stiff and sore sitting in the same position.


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