My Piktochart Creation


I was very tempted to try my hand at Canva again. I have used the tech tool a couple of times before, but that was last summer and I never felt like I had a good handle on it. But I decided to try and use something new and force myself to overcome the fear of trying new things. I tried my hand at Piktochart and tried to make a poster advertising a new book. Originally I was going to try and make a Valentine’s Day poster/card for my fiancé, but I didn’t want to purchase the “pro” template.

I knew that for the book poster I wanted a solid dark background, which was easy enough to find. I then maneuvered my way to pictures and icons and searched moon images. I found a few that I liked but none of them were what I was really looking for. So I moved on to searching for wolf images. Again I didn’t find what I was looking for as my options were extremely limited. So, I went to Flickr and found some commercial use images and downloaded them.

I then uploaded the images from my picture folder onto my Piktochart website/poster. I then moved on to playing with the text and writing the advertisement. To spice up the page a little, I added a couple of icons and used them as a background to write on to help them stand out and add more color to the page.

Finding the images that I wanted and dealing with the limited text box space were the most challenging features for me. I had little trouble downloading and uploading pictures onto the poster and getting them moved around to where I wanted them. I still am not sure how to extend the text boxes or change the color of the font though. But I did find where to change the font size and style. When deciding what information to include I wanted to be very vague so as to give anything away. But I still wanted to catch curiosity which I why I decided to place the little blurt, with the main character’s name, in the moon shape icon.

I would use this tech tool in the classroom to have my students make health or PE posters for a creative grade. They could make posters/flyers or cards with short blurbs on making healthy choices or being physically active. This would incorporate research, creativity and using tech. I myself might use it to do the same thing and hang the posters up around the classroom with short tips concerning health and PE. It would be a quick easy way to make an eye catching poster to refer to. With the information being presented in bright colors with catchy icons, they are more likely to grab the attention of those nearby.


2 thoughts on “My Piktochart Creation

  1. I think you’re creation came together very well, for your first time using it. Congrats on overcoming your fear! I am exactly the same way. I might as well just stick with what I know is what I always tell myself but how does that really help me learn anything? Better yet how does that help my students at all? I like that you gave advice on how to use this tech tool, so thank you for that.


    1. Melissa,
      Thank you! I agree, it is so tempting to just go with what we know because we know that we will be successful. But like you said, how would we learn anything new by doing that? I also agree that it is beneficial to our students when we try and use new things, it also makes for a great example if our students see us trying new things and stepping over our fear bounds to improve our knowledge.


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