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I really enjoyed this week’s articles and the TED Talk, probably because it was right up my alley. It drives me crazy to always see people on their phones, and with the new game “Pokémon Go” it has only escalated to another level of extreme as people walk through stores and during the night just staring at their phones. I completely agree with the articles on how this digital addiction often makes us unapproachable and less involved with each other in terms of being/sharing more in depth personal moments.

In the article, “What happens When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech For Three Days”, my first thought was how interesting that would be. And I wondered what the results would be. I was really glad to read that even though the teens were not all able to make to the three days, they all still learned something valuable from having taken the challenge to abstain from using any form of technology. They learned how to be more social in person and spend their time doing other beneficial things such as going for walks.



The article, “Simplifying the Internet”, gave some really great tips on how to cut addictions or overuse of the internet. I felt like the points made were very to the point and simple enough; as long as we are willing to make that change. Change starts with us. Other people can encourage and support us but we have to be the ones who want to make that change; it can’t be done for us.

I feel that I do use technology mindfully. I spend very little time on it except for school. Honestly school is really the only reason that I ever get on the internet. Except for the occasional Google search to try and find an answer to a health or fitness question that I have or to find a recipe or listen to a special song that I don’t have on my iPod or phone, I really use the internet very little. As for using my phone, I use text, call, the calculator, the calendar, and my GPS app when I don’t know where I’m going. Even then I use each of those items very little. And really if it weren’t for my fiancé and my two younger sisters, I really would hardly ever use text.



I think we need to be more attentive when we are around other people or naturally when we are in an educational or speech setting. In my opinion, it makes people extremely unapproachable when they are glued to their phones. I feel like they are too preoccupied or busy to have a meaningful conversation. Their focus is on their phone/internet so they won’t be listening to what you say. When we give our full undivided attention to others, we can have much more meaningful, in depth and even heart to heart conversations and our relationships with those around us become so much more significant like Paul Miller mentions in his TED Talk.

In being fixated on digital devices we lose a lot of feeling and personal interaction with those around us. I feel like a lot of caring and sense of emotion is taken out of conversations when we hide behind the screen or try and multitask when talking to someone while we are on our phones or computers. That sense of actually having had a legit meaningful conversation is snuffed out when technology is used to play a part in it. That is just my personal opinion though.

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4 thoughts on “Digital Mindfulness

  1. My one concern with technology taking over is the loss of personal interaction. I fear that my kids will only learn to communicate to each other through a screen. I believe in the value of conversations with others and bonding in a more personal way. I also worry that screen time will result in a lack of real life experiences and missed opportunities to be outside exploring the world around them. Kids/teens/adults need to interact hands on to their environment.


    1. Charity,
      I agree that is definitely something to consider. I really feel like that is a huge problem with kids/people today is they don’t know how to communicate without the use of technology. I think conversation with others in person is so important; with job interviews and working together, it is super important that we know how to communicate. And being able to bond with others, like friends and family, is so crucial i think. Especially since we can’t assume that they are always going to be around (not trying to be graphic just saying). I completely agree with you on everything you said.


  2. That’s really impressive that you have already begun to be mindful without having to be reminded to do so. I don’t feel as though I am crazy out of control on media, but I have some tweaking. I had the same reaction about the article of teens quitting for 3 days. Crazy that some couldn’t make it. Thanks for all of your thoughts in this post!


    1. I know right. As long as i with my fiance, (i mean not 24/7 of course but able to see him at night and first thing in the morning) i would hardly even ever use my phone. I know that because when i am able to visit him, i often forget my phone or even lose it… Because i lay it down and walk away very easily and thus forget where i have placed it.

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