Daily Create Tuesday and Wednesday July 12-13

Daily Create 14 #tdc1643 You and Your Shadow @ds106dc #tdc1643 IMG00265

This is my shadow, my cat CJ. The little guy literally follows me around everywhere, and as in this photo, he has a tendency to try and “help” me with school.


This is my other shadow, my dog Zoro. Outside he follows me around everywhere. He tries to follow me around when he gets to come inside but my other shadow, CJ, often attacks him for doing so…


Daily Create 15 #tdc1648 Do Your Most Serious, Critical Face Selfie #DigPed

@ds106dc #tdc1648

Me trying to have a critical look…


6 thoughts on “Daily Create Tuesday and Wednesday July 12-13

    1. Thank you so much! I love being able to talk about and post pictures of our pets and my family. I could talk all day about them, they all have their own ways of bringing joy and happiness to my life, especially when i have a bad day. I struggle with the video and audio daily creates because my blog won’t upload them without me first upgrading it which i would have to pay for and i really can’t afford and don’t want to do that. I have a difficult time just trying to pay for college… I’ve tried to upload videos to Twitter and it looks like it starts to work but then nothing happens, it never opens. I don’t know why. I Googled it and followed the directions but still nothing, soooo yeah i dont know.

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      1. Yes I definitely agree with you, my dog lights up my world! It’s crazy how much of an impact pets have on our life. I also have problems uploading stuff to my blog for the same reason. :/


      2. Yeah my cat is my sunshine! And he’s even orange lol Some days he can be a little terror when he doesnt get his way, but i still absolutely adore him! My little buddy 🙂
        And yeah i dont know what’s up with the not being able to upload, glad i am not the only one though! That really is a comfort!


  1. I “lol’d” when I read that your cat was your shadow! Made me think of my dog, he is always constantly following me and it never works out good when I’m walking on a mission and then turn right around and trip over him!


    1. Oh i know right? Always under foot arent they 🙂 Gotta love them though for sure. It’s actually really nice to know that they like us that much they want to follow us around and be with us everywhere.

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