“Hackschooling Makes Me Happy and Bud Hunt’s Blog

Skyler Ryan

Digital Literacy

“Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” and Bud Hunts Blog Response Blog 3

Due-Sunday, June 19, 2016

I usually don’t like reading things or watching videos that my teachers tell me to read and watch because I find them boring and difficult to comprehend or even to remember for that matter. But both the video, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” and Bud Hunt’s Blog Post, I thought were very interesting. I loved the views that both resources provided about learning. I also liked the metaphors that were used at the start of each resource.

The part of the “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” that I liked the most were the 8 things that are to be practiced in order to stay happy and healthy according to the Science of being happy and healthy. They are; exercise, diet and nutrition, time in nature, contribution and service, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. I feel that each of these categories is super important and that we need to incorporate and make time for each one in our daily, or weekly lives.

As a health and physical education teacher, which I am studying to be, I know just how crucial each of the 8 categories listed in the paragraph above are to our health. If we stay healthy most mentally and physically, and develop solid positive relationships with those around us, we will be happy. If we learn new things every day, things that are both beneficial and that really interest us that will help to keep our lives interesting as well as rewarding. When we know how to relax and manage stress and when we enjoy life and we love what we are doing, our lives are so much more desirable and we are naturally much happier.

I feel like today, being happy is a major issue within our society. People kill, practice substance abuse, live in unhealthy unstable relationships, surround themselves with drama and the negativity of others, bully and bring pain and harm to those around them, and on and on and on. Our world is so corrupt and violent today because people are not happy. And they go looking for happiness in all of the wrong places. Too often people think that money, fame, being popular or cool, and fitting in with the “in” crowd will make them happy. But does it?

I think that we can clearly see the answer to that question by simply looking at famous or well established actors, actresses, singers, professional athletes and the like. They often have more money than they know what to do with. Kids and fans admire and look up to them. Youth want to be just like them. It really looks like they have everything they could ever want. But it is obviously that even with all of these material things they are still not happy as they turn to drugs and commit crimes. People today are so caught up in the materialistic things of this world and they expect those things to bring them happiness. But they don’t because they are just material items.


When we enjoy the natural things around us like nature and when we take part in fun learning experiences like with recreational activities we are truly engaging with the natural environment around us. When we offer our time to make contributions and take part in helping to better our communities, we feel rewarded from our efforts because we know that we did something to help. Practicing diet and exercise are also super important because without them, how can we expect our bodies to carry our daily tasks and to take part in work or fun energetic, or even relaxing past times when we aren’t healthy? We have to eat right and exercise to keep our bodies strong so that we can enjoy the natural things around us.

And when we are healthy, we are happy. When we are happy, we are healthy. The two operate very close to each other and often go hand in hand.

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Digital Literacy

What does digital literacy mean you ask? That is a great question. When I hear the word digital, my first thought is of cameras. I remember growing up and hearing my parents talk about digital cameras and even digital computers. Today our cellphones and laptops are also examples of digital items. Literacy of course means, to master or understand something. So, digital literacy is basically the understanding of how to find and use different methods of technology.

While digital literacy is the understanding of how to use digital products, digital fluency is the ability to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world Digital Fluency. It is one thing to understand how technology works and how to use it, but to be able to use it fluently takes us a step further. With digital fluency, we have endless opportunities to use technology to our advantage. For example, instead of just building a basic house, we can use technology to help us create the design and actual layout of the house so that it looks exactly the way that we want it. Being digitally literate means that we know how to use the tools of technology, but being digitally fluent means that we can match our desired outcome in a far more beneficial and successful way.

There are 10 essential elements of digital learning; student eligibility, student access, personalized learning, advancement, quality content, quality instruction, quality choices, assessment and accountability, funding and delivery 10 elements. Student eligibility means that all student, K-12, have to be provided with opportunities to access online courses throughout their entire K-12 education experience. They are required to take at least one online class in order to earn their high school diploma. This goes along with student access; in that every student must have access to taking online courses. Personalized learning means that students have the ability to take more than one online class if they so desire. They can personalize their learning by going above instead of taking just a single online class. Advancement is the progress that students make based on demonstrated understanding. The digital content and instructional materials, along with instruction and choices, are of high quality to ensure that students are getting the most sufficient experience. Student assessment is the metric for evaluating how worthy the content and instruction is. Funding and delivery are play roles as they support high quality digital learning.

When it comes to digital literacy, I think I perform well in the area of finding information. And I feel that I learn new things fairly quickly as long as I am able to keep playing with them and continue using them so that I do not forget. My issue, however, is weeding out invalid information that I do need or want. I tend to find more information than I am looking for and then I am not sure which source or content to use. I also struggle with getting technology to do what I want it to. If I click on something or hit enter and then it doesn’t show up, (like when I go to post on twitter or WordPress) it makes me pretty nervous and I wonder if it worked or not and if my colleagues and instructors can see it.

I want to learn how to be more digitally fluent so that I can find and use adequate resources for not only my own benefit, but that of my students and fellow future teachers. I expect to learn how to use new websites like Twitter and WordPress and how to maneuver my way around them successfully. I think to become more effective digital learners and leaders we need to first gain the knowledge and experience of being digitally literate, and then we can share that knowledge with our students and peers. As the ISTE Standards state; we as teachers need to facilitate and inspire our students creativity, design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments, and be positive role models of using digital age work and promoting learning Standards.

Ever More, Ever More, Ever More!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

More! More! More! I feel like just about every day I am learning something new; whether it be in school or life in general. Just in the time that I started High School, graduated, up till now, I have learned so much about who I am, what I desire in life, and how to work hard to make my dreams come true. I am always learning more things every day.


I was involved in 4-H for about 9 years. During those nine years I grew both physically and mentally. Not only did I become physically stronger, but I also grew to be more mentally stable. I learned how to relax and stay calm in stressful, exhausting situations. During the burning hot summers, and the winter blizzards, I trudged outside to feed cows and calves and to crack the ice in their water tank. I scooped mountains of snow to dig pathways for our show calves to be able to get from their sheltering barns to their water and feed. 4-H taught me so much about hard work and being responsible.


These little critters also taught me the meaning of responsibility and to put others before myself. As most people probably know, cats can be, and often are, super demanding pets. When they want attention, they want it now. And they want that attention to be undivided. The same goes with when they want to eat or play. Like little toddlers, they think that they are the center of the world and our schedule revolves around theirs. A prime example is in the picture; as Addy, and my cat CJ, make completing my school work somewhat of a challenge. I have learned to put their needs before my own and be far more of a selfless person.


In being selfless, I have also learned patience. My dog Zoro, was a huge handful when he was a pup; and sometimes, he still is. He was super stubborn and hard headed. He felt that his job was to protect me from everything and everyone. Taking him to obedience class was a nightmare as he tried to bight other dogs and howled and yipped the whole time. I dreaded every Wednesday when we took him, and his sister to doggie training. His over-aggressive and not to mention obsessive behavior, was a real buzz kill for me because I wanted to take him places with me and show him off to people, but I was terrified that someone was going to get hurt. With persistence and patience, along with several headaches, endless amounts of embarrassment and even a few tears, I stuck with Zoro and he learned to do what I told him. He even excelled at healing off leash. While I still do not enjoy taking Zoro out in public, as he has never gotten over the anxiety of being in new places, he does listen and for the most part, is much friendlier than he used to be.

20150404 (2)

Being in a relationship has also been a key contributor to my learning. I have learned how to love someone outside of my family. I have learned how to truly care about the wants and needs of someone else who was not related to me and who I hadn’t known from childhood. I have also learned a new level of patience and determination. Being in a long distance relationship is tough, for me anyway. But I have learned to over-come that obstacle and stick with it; because I know that he is worth it and my patience will pay off when it all works out and we are able to get married and live the rest of our lives together. Through my relationship, I have also learned how to be flexible with my schedule and timing so that they match that of my fiancé’s as closely as possible; creating time for us to call or Skype. Since my fiancé is such a social butterfly and super outgoing, I have learned to follow his lead and am now a much more outgoing person. With my fiancés encouragement, support, unconditional endless love, and patience, he has really helped me to learn who I am and what I desire most out of life.


Like my fiancé, school has taught me quite a few social skills also. I have learned how to communicate with a variety of people. I have become much more open minded and far more willing to listen to other people’s opinions and to hear them out before just jumping to conclusions. My experiences through both 4-H and school have helped me to learn that I want to work with youth. Hence the reason that I am working towards earning my teaching degree in Health and PE for grades K-12.

I am forever learning, ever more, ever more, ever more. There is always something new that can be learned, we just have to be willing to look for it and put in the effort to learn it. Some things come naturally to us, and we learn them very quickly. While others are far more difficult and it take us a while to catch on; these times can be super frustrating and even depressing. But the important thing to know, and to learn, is that we can never give up. Because if we give up, then we are guaranteed to never learn anything. We can’t live our lives in a box, because then what will we benefit from that.