The Three Different Natured Men

This week I read about the three different types of men, or that is, the three different types of natures that make them who they are. There is the Prophet or Visionary man, the Priest or Steady man, and the King or Command Man.


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The Prophet, also known as Mr. Visionary, is just as his name states. He is often fixated on visions that he comes up with in his mind. He gets several ideas and tends to start working on those ideas/plans but may not always follow through on them. While they are always trying to find ways to better a situation or an object, like Thomas Edison with the lightbulb, they have to be careful to not overfill their plate, which they sometimes have a tendency to do as they get carried away trying to fix or work on too many things at once. The type of women for a Prophet or Mr. Visionary, needs to be flexible for him. As his wife her most important job is keeping an innocent and commonsense attitude and conversation (not bad-mouthing folks) and bringing her husband up when his ideas don’t always work out.


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The Priest, or Mr. Steady, is the soundest and most easy going and laid back of the three different types of men. Mr. Steady being the laid back guy that he is, often takes the time to throw ideas around and really think about them before making a decision. He is rarely ever quick to make a choice. Because of this, these types of men do not always find a wife early on in life because he is waiting for the perfect one so that he is positive he had made the right choice. Because they are so patient and down to earth, the wife of a Priest natured men will rarely ever feel hurried, pressured, pushed, or forced to do something. Priest natured men often live practical lives and tend to be a people person; just about everyone likes them and wants to be around them due to their friendly yet calm, nature. A Priest type man loves to help others and may sometimes become distracted by doing so. Thus he needs to be careful about getting caught up helping others and pushing his family aside. The wife of a Priest type man needs to be as active helping others as her husband is; as it will bring him honor. Because of a Priest’s desire to please, a wife of one needs to be patient and thankful otherwise she could easily destroy his vision for serving others, and possibly even his health.


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The King, or Mr. Command Man, often see life as if he were on top of a mountain. They look at the big picture rather than individual personal needs. Kingly men show little tolerance for those around them who are dragging their feet, making excuses, or whining about their lot in life. Kingly men want to move forward now, and they have a plan. Generally these type of men tend to end up in places of high authority. There are often two kinds of kings. One is a good, mature king while the other is an immature, bad king.  A good king sees the bigger picture and strives to help the greater number, even if it costs him his life. A good king would be someone like Captain America (if he were real). A good king is a leader who people want to follow. A bad king, is often only bad because he is immature and therefore has a tendency to be selfish and only care about is own thoughts and desires. In his mind his way is always right no matter what. The wife of a Kingly man must learn to serve him with honor (often a kingly man will expect his wife to wait on him hand and foot and to follow his lead and do as he says). The wife of a Kingly man needs to understand that she shouldn’t be offended at her husband’s lack of serving or helping her in mundane things of life, such as house chores or always helping with the kids.


(John playing and helping my second cousin put her shoes on)

My fiancé, John, is definitely a Priest natured man like my own dad. Though they both also have a touch of King natured men in them, Mr. Steady is their dominant nature. (Men can have more than just one nature but they usually always have a dominant nature that stands out more and easier to see) People love both John and my dad because they are so friendly, outgoing, social, and helpful. So much to the point that they sometimes become forgetful that they have a family who also desires their attention. As the future wife of a Priest natured man, I know that I need to be more outgoing so that I too can help those around me as John does. We can work together.

I have always been more of a wall-flower myself, I was never anywhere close to being the popular kids who everyone wanted to be friends with. But that never bothered me. After I met John and we started dating, I saw what a social butterfly he was and all the people that he knew (I still don’t have all their names down). Constantly being around a variety of different people I have forced myself to become more outgoing.

I feel that I have come a long way and I really like who I am today. John has really helped to bring me out of my shell and he is super supportive. He has told me how much I have changed and how proud he is of me. However, there is still room for improvement and I have every intention of becoming an even more outgoing, helpful person. The way that I plan to do this is to continue placing myself in uncomfortable situations, like around big crowds and forcing myself to go and visit and talk with people who I don’t know. I also benefit from this in getting to hear some really great stories!

Word Count: 992 (Sorry this post is so long, I kind of got carried away as I really enjoy talking about this stuff…)


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