Indepedent Learning Project Here I Come!


I have firmly decided to base my independent learning project on preparing myself to be a good, honest, helpful, loyal, committed wife for my future husband. John and I are getting married this December and I am super excited! But, I know that marriage isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like they display on TV and happily ever after movies.

I truly believe that marriage is a great gift from God that takes place between one man and one women; a gift which should be cherished. But it is not something that is just handed to us. Even when we are absolutely positive that we have found the perfect one, not everything will simply fall into place. There will be arguments and disagreements and debates. Tempers will arise after a long draining day and we will lash out at our partners or become annoyed or frustrated with them.


I want to avoid these unnecessary, regretful actions/disputes as much as I can in my relationship. John is easily my best and closest friend. We talk about everything; personal thoughts, work, school our families, politics. We often share a lot of the same views on subjects with is nice. (Except for my cat who John strongly dislikes but whom I adore).

From talking to other older couples who have been together for years, I have learned that most of them cannot remember what their first fight was about. It seems like its usually dumb things that really aren’t that big of a deal which we tend to fight about. And even then, I have been told that those fights could have easily been avoided and calmly discussed had the couple taken a step back to cool off and considered their values and true love for each other. This is what I want to avoid as much as possible.

To help me along my learning journey in developing into a helpful, patient, caring, supportive, considerate wife I am reading the book called “Preparing to be a HelpMeet” by Debi Pearl. The term “HelpMeet” is defined as, a helpful companion or partner, especially one’s husband or wife. Eagerly I dove into reading the first chapter of this book; full of excitement and curiosity! 8434934649_8e7312ac60_o.jpg

From the first chapter I read that the power of prayer goes a long way. God is willing to help us and satisfy our needs and desires. But we need to ask Him for those things and then trust that He will hear and answer us. God really does care for all of us, but we need to talk to Him and have faith that He hears us. God, being the merciful caring God that He is, wants us to be happy and content in our lives. And He can help us accomplish that. There is nothing the He cannot do. But we have to ask for His guidance and His help.

From the first chapter I learned that I need to commit to praying for John and our future together. Yes, on a regular basis I pray for John’s safety and I thank God for him multiple times a day, but according to my readings, I have learned that I need to pray for God to guide John in his actions and thoughts. I need to pray for God to help John continue to be a strong, honest, hardworking man. I also need to pray for him to walk faithfully along the path that God has chosen for him, and our relationship in general.


Word Count: 584

6 thoughts on “Indepedent Learning Project Here I Come!

  1. I feel that you will be very happy with the ILP that you chose! Choosing to work at your relationship just goes to show how dedicated you are to it. The book you are reading sounds really interesting and I’m excited to hear more about your endeavor! I’d be interested in knowing whether or not you told your fiance about your project and what his reactions were, if you would be willing to share! Thanks!


    1. Courtney,
      Thanks. And haha yes i did tell John about this project. He always asks me what i am learning in school and what i did throughout the day. He’s a very caring young man who is great at listening to me babble. When i told him that i had chosen our relationship and me working on becoming a good wife for him now, before we get married, he was deeply touched. he said he felt so blessed to have me as his future wife. He really appreciates all my little efforts and actions that i choose do perform to benefit our relationship. Like you stated, my fiance said that it shows how much i care and how dedicated i am to our relationship; something neither one of us has ever had in the past. He said it was one of the many reasons that proves to him that i am the right girl for him to spend the rest of his life with. (Not trying to sound mushy, just trying to respond fully to your request lol)

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      1. Aaw! Thanks for sharing! I love mushy stories like that 🙂 I think that’s the kind of relationship we all look to have! You are lucky to have found it! Good luck!


  2. Skyler, I loved reading your post! I think it is awesome that you are committing your time and preparing yourself to be a better wife/companion. The book you are reading sounds really good and I am interested to hear more about it. It sounds like you and your soon-to-be husband are on the right path to a healthy, Godly marriage! I wish you the best and always remember to put your trust in Him!


    1. Tessa,
      Thank you! Yes it really does help to place your trust in God. And not just in relationships but with anything really. When i get stressed or upset i tell myself to take deep breaths and to pray. Wow do i feel better after praying. I can literally feel my worries and frets be put at ease. it’s great. I do the same thing with school and in my relationship. Sometimes you are both tired and both had a bad day and things are just kind of bumpy. But to take a minute and calm down or relax and pray before addressing each other in conversation, the results are incredible!

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