Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

For my TED Talk video I chose “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are“>

” by Amy Cuddy. I chose this video because I often take my body language into consideration. I want to look confident and sure about myself on a daily basis. I don’t want people to see or look at me as a scared timid unsure little person though sometimes I feel that way. When out in public with my parents I watch their body language. My dad kind of struts when he walks and always looks like he has everything figured out. He is very confident but doesn’t come across as being a high ego, “I’m better than everyone else” type of guy. Which I admire because that’s who he is; a confident, yet very chilled, hard-working man. My mom on the other hand, when we go out in public she hunches over and folds her arms across her body; she gets very small and looks like she wants to hide from everyone. My parents are super opposite.

I used to be like my mom where I wanted to hide or blend in to my surroundings and I didn’t want anyone to look at me because I was afraid that they were judging me. But after taking notice of the difference between my parents postures, I knew that I wanted to appear like my dad did, even if I didn’t have things figured out and wasn’t confident; I wanted to at least look like it. So, I started watching my body language and posture and trying to change it. I became aware of when I trying to be small and I forced myself not to be.

I thought it was interesting how Ms. Cuddy pointed out the increase and decrease in the levels of testosterone and cortisol based on how we felt about ourselves. I was surprised that it only took about two minutes for us to be in or hold a power position pose and it increased the testosterone level to make us feel more confident. I also liked how she talked about faking it, “Fake it til you make it”. And then she took it one step further in saying, “Fake it until you become it”. I myself feel like I have done that. I have gone through that change of faking it until I make it. I am still working on faking it until I become it but I feel like I have made great strides from the past up to the current day.


My dear cat clearly has his body language figured out as he demands to be the center of attention 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

  1. When you first meet me, I too can come off as shy where I don’t want people to judge me either. However, I do not stay this way for long. While I still care what people think, I also don’t mind being the life of the party. I am not physically small and would not want to make myself that way in an attempt to reign in my BIG personality. I am not sure as to how I carry myself in public or what my body language says but I remain hopeful that it reflects my laid back personality. I become very conscious of my body language at my job where I am in frequently contact with the parents of the 170-some young children that are at my camp. I make sure that I appear confident, alert, mature and personable. I like the notion of “faking it until you become it”, I feel like at that point it is no longer faking it. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to becoming confident!


    1. Kaitlin,
      Thanks! I understand you being conscious of your body language in front of the parents. I think that is really smart. I’m sure that the parents appreciate that. I don’t have kids but i know that taking my “kid” (my cat) CJ to the vet that i want them to be confident because i am trusting them with my cat’s health. So i totally get that. I’m sure you are also confident with the kids which helps them to look up to you and trust you. So great job!

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  2. Body language is so interesting to look at in public. You definitely have those people who look confident and poised no matter what, but you also have those who seem closed in and watch the ground as they walk. I find myself on both ends of the spectrum from time to time for sure! This TED Talk sounds interesting! 🙂


    1. Regan,
      Same. My dad is very easy to point out in having a high confidence level. Not that he has anything to be insecure about because he’s pretty much perfect lol. There is very little that he can’t do or make work for him. And he’s super nice and a very hard worker so everyone likes him. But other people are not so confident and that is sometimes also clear to see. I also find myself doing both like you said depending on the situation. Although, i can tell when i feel uncomfortable and i try very hard to force myself to stand tall and hold my shoulders back and look calm, cool and collected lol

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  3. I loved watching this TED talk, thank you for posting! As you mentioned, the “fake it until you become it” point also stuck out to me! It’s always interesting to think of how we come off to others, and how it is possible to change that. As teachers, it is very important to show a confident, kinda persona to the students. If you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re nervous, it’s going to be difficult to get people to trust you enough to learn from you.


    1. I completely agree with you. I think it is really important to overkill your lesson plans and be extra prepared so that you know the content that you are teaching inside and out. That way if your students ask questions or get confused you are able to answer their questions or explain the content in a different way. If we can fake acting confident when we aren’t, we can fake it until we become it and as we get more comfortable and get things figured out we will become more confident without having to fake it.


  4. Skyler, this was a really interesting post! My ILP is about Personal Growth. Although I’m mostly focusing on my attitude and being more positive, I’m really interested in working on my posture and body language as well! Watching this TED talk and reading your post really showed me the difference that body language can have! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thanks Courtney,
      I have always been interested in reading body language. I know that animals do it from reading a lot of animal books. I also use it a lot with our animals. I can tell when my cat is going to attack my dog… and i was able to tell when our cattle were going to or getting spooked so i was prepared. I would like to be able to read human body language better, I’ve been looking for books on the topic.

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