The Power of Passion!

There are two ways to get a child passionate about something:

  1. Find out what each child is innately passionate about.
  2. Be an instructor that exudes passion for the topic, and infect your students with that excitement.

I completely agree that these are two ways to get youth passionate about something. I think today, teachers often lack passion about teaching. They just go through the motions and lecture and hand out homework and put in the grade. They are ok with the students only learning the content long enough to pass the test to make the teacher look good and then they move on. Teaching just kind of becomes a job that pays the bills.

There are, however, still some teachers out there who are super passionate about teaching and getting their students engaged in a variety of ways. Going back to the discussion on creativity, teachers go out of their way to find new ideas on how to make learning fun and encourage their students to participate in the learning activities.

Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski

In the article, “Passion-Based Learning”, an example was given about how a teacher was so passionate about what most would deem a very boring field of study, that he passed his passionate attitude down to his students; thus engaging and encouraging them to take interest in the topic and to even pursue it as a career. Another great example of the opposite effect that just came to mind, is in the movie “Monsters University”. When the main character Mike Wazowski gets kicked out of the scaring program and goes into can design. The teacher of the class is super monotone when talking and he sounds as if can design is the most boring thing ever to be teaching. Mike’s slumped down in his chair about to fall asleep reaction also portrays that thought to the audience. If the teacher had been excited and enthusiastic about the class, his passion would have most likely spilled over to his students and actually made the class interesting.

Metaphorically, this is where passionless educators leave their students — perhaps safe, but bored and un-engaged 21st Century Educating.

As teachers it is our duty to make learning fun for our students. I remember when kids used to say that they loved going to school. But today, I hear more and more of them say how much they dislike it and have no intention of going to college. Another thing that I noticed, is that the kids today who tell you they enjoy school, are the younger kids who are still in elementary. From Junior High up they don’t want to be there because they think school is too hard or boring. I think that if teachers were more creative and found a variety of ways to engage their students, and showed a little passion for what they were teaching, the students would have a lot more fun and really enjoy going to school because they would look forward to what they were going to learn next.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Passion!

  1. Skyler, I enjoyed reading your post! You brought up some valid points. I had plenty of teachers that were never excited about anything; coming to school, teaching their students, etc. That made the school day go by super slow and it made me become uninterested in being there. Like you said, as teachers we need to be passionate about our teaching and our students because that will make them feel a sense of self-worth and will also hopefully help them become more interested in the topic as well. Great post!


    1. Tessa,
      Thanks. Yes i remember the say dragging on and getting up to go to school. The only motivator was because you didn’t want to get a tardy or for your parents to get upset with you. I went out for sports to try and find at least a little motivation for going to school, but because our school was so small that made it so all the popular, athletic or not, girls were shown favor and special attention and got to play while i sat on the bench or ran along the track without any support from the coaches. Really all i remember was getting in trouble or ignored when it came to sports and just getting ignored in class. I was so glad and ready for graduation. Though the thought of going to college was scary, i was so done with high school and the lack of caring from teachers and coaches just because i wasn’t a straight A student and wasn’t very athletic. I want to be a teacher and would like to assistant coach for those very reasons. I want all of my students to see and have that value of self-worth and to be fully included. I want them to enjoy and desire to learn and be physically active.

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