Exploring Thinking About Learning

Skyler Ryan

Digital Learning Summer Class

Exploring Thinking about Learning Project Blog 4

Due-Sunday, June 19, 2016

I think that taking the time to learn something new is a very good idea; especially if it is something that we are interested in. Naturally when we are interested in learning a new thing the motivation to stick with it and put forth the time and effort is way easier to find as opposed to being forced to learning something that we are not interested in. I understand that there are things we have to learn that will not seem or be fun, but I also think that staying positive and finding a fun way to learn that boring subject or topic can make it much more bearable and entertaining if not interesting. Such as studying for a strongly disliked subject in school, a student could study with a good friend which might not only make the task more enjoyable, but also, possibly more rewarding in terms of remembering what was studied because the friend might have a way of pointing out the problem in a way that the other student gets and therefore remembers.

If I had the freedom to learn anything without any restrictions like lack of time or resources, I would learn how to water ski. I think it would be a lot of fun plus a great body workout. I would be playing while getting in a full body workout; a win win! I know that skiing take a lot of strength in the legs, arms and core of the body, and it also requires delicate balance for being able to shift your weight accordingly. Unfortunately, I do not live around water or have a boat or a Jet Ski or a pair of water skis. I also do not have someone who would go with me on a regular basis so that I could practice and get better at water skiing.

20150808 (1)

      Another thing that I would really like to learn, and that is especially important to me, would be how to be a good wife. Though I am not married yet, I think it is a good idea to get some good tips and plans so that I can practice them before I am married. That way, once I am married I am not starting in a new step of our relationship trying to learn how to live together and dance around each others schedules plus try to be a good wife to the best of my abilities. I think that if I can start practicing now, then I will be more ready for that part of my relationship once we are married. I want to learn how to be supportive even when I don’t feel like it. I want to learn how to listen and offer positive, as well as constructive feedback on a variety of topics and situations without coming across as rude or bossy or nagging. I also want to learn how to be patient and forgiving; both with myself and my husband. I think that I have come a long way since I first started dating my now fiancé to this current day. But I also feel like I could do more for our relationship and once we are together full-time, and no longer dealing with the long distance that is between us now, I want to do the very best that I can do for our relationship to help keep it strong.

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8 thoughts on “Exploring Thinking About Learning

  1. Turning a boring topic into something fun is a great idea! As future educators, we will have to be experts at doing this! I hate math, and I know there will be kids in my classroom who will not like it as well, so I hope I can find a fun way for them to learn and understand it! I am sure you will be a wonderful wife! Personally, I do not feel that you can really practice being a good spouse, but I do know that it is a learning process. You can learn how to be more supportive, patient, and forgiving, and I am sure you will! Never get discouraged!!


    1. Ashton,
      Thanks. And yes that is my way of practicing being a good spouse, if i learn ways to help me be more supportive, patient and forgiving. Communication is often a huge issue in relationships and even the work place. I have been practicing that ever since i started dating my now future husband. I used to keep everything inside and stick to myself and just be quiet. I just wanted to do my work and be done. But in practicing to better my communication skills, i now force myself to go out of my way and try to make conversation with people. I am much more open with my fiance, which he greatly appreciates, and i can really get to chattering with my co-workers and the residents whom we serve at work. So much to the point that i get carried away with visiting or listening, that i get behind on my work and then have to rush around trying to catch back up lol. Learning these skills will help me in both my career, life, and in my relationship. But since i am most passionate about my relationship, i am using that to help motivate me to try and to get out of my comfort zone to better myself socially.


  2. You make some great points about waterskiing: this may be what you most want to learn, but sometimes circumstances and context just don’t enable us to learn what we want at this moment. Great idea with learning more about marriage and how to be a good spouse. You might like to read John Gottman’s book, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Gottman is a social scientist and researcher and pretty much the guru on how to have a good relationship! He studies successful and unsuccessful marriages and has a lot of good ideas for how to make it work.


    1. Instructor Ellington,
      Thank you! I’ll have to research that book and read it. I love reading legit books about relationships that i can get helpful tips from. They tend to have different ideas which i can utilize to help keep things interesting. Like leaving love notes, that advice is in just about every book and while i like the idea, i have already done it several times and always have my eyes open for something new to try. (That is just an example). So yes i will definitely look into “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” by John Gottman!
      Thank you!


  3. Learning how to water ski would be soooo fun, probably painful at times but still fun. Now would be the perfect time since the weather is nice. I also have to commend you are wanting to better yourself for the sake of your future. I am so interested to see which of these you choose and how you go about them.


    1. Wouldn’t it!?! Water skiing would be such a great workout for your entire body, but you would have fun while doing so! I think i would probably be pretty sore the next morning, and possibly next few days, depending on how long i spent on trying to get it figured out that very first day. it would also really help me with my balance i feel like, because i am by no means a graceful person. Unfortunately, i don’t have the time to do that now, but hopefully in the future as a hobby on the weekends or something 🙂 Then if i have kids i can teach them


  4. Oh water skiing, I use to water ski as a kid, I had my own pink and purple pair of kids skis and I was so excited to learn and make it a life long passion (or as much as one as I could think of when I was 8). It eventually came to an end not because I didn’t like it or it was to hard. This naïve kid didn’t know that snakes could swim (again I was 8) and when my sister pointed that out to me I never put those ski’s on again for fear that while I waited in the water to be pulled up one would find me!

    Good luck on wanting to prepare for your future, I think as a husband realizing what it takes to a be a wife will help you and your wife will always appreciate it.


    1. Haha! That is funny. I too am terrified of snakes. Man i can’t stand them. They look and move in such an evil kind of way. They are just creepy. And super dangerous depending on the type you encounter… I totally hear you there. Dark murky water does bother me, i like to be able to see what’s around me. I have also watched a few episodes of “Monster Inside Me” which was a bad idea. It’s a show with several different episodes of people who got giant worms or some other bug in them from a variety of places, usually lake water… So yes with that and snakes and dark water i would really have to toughen up my mental strength.

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