Literacy in the Digital Age Class

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My name is Skyler. I live 13 miles South of Hay Springs, NE with my dad, mom and youngest sister. My dad is a farmer and my is a Radiologist at Box Butte General Hospital in Alliance, NE. My youngest sister just graduated from Hay Springs High School in May. I have another younger sister who is married and has two daughters and lives in Rapid City, SD.

We have two German Shepard dogs and six cats; three indoor, two outdoor, and one indoor/outdoor. One of the indoor cats is mine, his name is CJ or Captain jack. CJ is an orange fluffy cat and he goes outside to play every morning. Otherwise, when I am home, he is following me around the house or taking naps nearby; like when I’m doing homework. He’s my little pride and joy!

Currently I work 40 hours a week at the Prairie Pines Retirement Home in Chadron, NE. I am also taking 4 summer classes so I never really have any free time, or even a summer for that matter. But I am trying to speed my schooling up so that I can graduate in the Spring of 2017. I will be a Senior at CSC this fall and I am majoring in Health and Physical Education grades K-12.

I want to speed my schooling up to get it done and over with so that I can start working and living my life. I also desire to be done with school as soon as possible as I will be getting married this December to an incredible young man. I say incredible because he is such a sweetheart and is always super supportive and patient with me; especially like now with my summer classes and work and being in a long distance relationship, I don’t get much time to talk with him.

I plan to teach somewhere in Montana where my fiance is from. We are hoping that he will land a Civil Engineering job up there after he graduates from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD this December. We both really enjoy the scenery and the people from that area in general.